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Residential Home Inspection
Clean Kitchen_edited.jpg

This inspection is perfect before the purchase of a new-to-you home or for information on a home you already own and includes review of all the major systems, appliances, exterior, and interior

Pricing Starts at $350

Sketch and Measurements

This add-on service provides a sketch of the home during your inspection including the layout, room dimensions, and ANSI standard exterior measurements. Great for interior design planning or out-of-town purchasers!

Pricing Starts at $100

Builder Warranty Inspection
Beautiful Ensuite Master Bathroom in New Luxury Home. Features Elegant Countertop, Bathtub

This inspection is perfect for a homeowner that is approaching the end of their first year of ownership after new construction. Schedule this anywhere from 7-11 months after the home was completed prior to your warranty review

Pricing Starts at $300

Sewer Scope
Sewer cleaning. A plumber uses a sewer snake to clean blockage in a sewer line. .jpg

Sewage line repairs can be among the most expensive repairs for homeowners. A sewer scope sends a camera into your main line to ensure there is proper pitch, flow, and construction of the line

Flat Fee Pricing $130

New Construction Inspection
Luxurious new construction home in Bellevue, WA. Modern style home boasts two car garage f

This inspection is perfect for a brand new home that has just been finished by a builder. It can be scheduled any time between when the home is fully completed and you close

Pricing Starts at $325

Five Point Inspection
Air Conditioning Technician and A part of preparing to install new air conditioner..jpg

This inspection covers five of the major systems known to cause costly repairs. The five systems are HVAC, plumbing, roof, structure, and electrical. This report is not as all-encompassing as a full home inspection but is budget friendly!

Pricing Starts at $250

Thermal Inspection
thermal imaging camera inspection for temperature check and finding heating pipes in floor

 Thermal imaging allows the inspector to see potential water leaks, hidden areas of moisture, and check that appliances and heating/cooling systems are operating properly. It's included free in every inspection!

FREE with Inspection

Well Water Testing
Water Purification Treatment

Well Water Testing is typically required by lenders for a home refinance or purchase where a well exists. Please ask your lender or Realtor which tests apply to your situation for the most appropriate package selection

Full Real Estate Panel $200

Pre-Listing Inspection
A for sale sign in front of an old crafsman style house.  All the words have been blanked

This inspection is perfect for information prior to listing your home for sale. It will help you determine what repairs may need to be completed or what concerns potential buyers may have.

Pricing Starts at $350

Condo/Townhome  Inspection
Modern luxury urban apartment building exterior with blue sky..jpg

This inspection is for condo units and townhomes. These share walls with other homes and the homeowner is only responsible for the interior elements of the unit. Check with your Realtor or HOA to see if this title applies to you!

Pricing Starts at $300

Radon Test

Radon is a common issue in Colorado and it is important to have an EPA certified test completed by a trained professional. Radon tests take 48 hours to complete and the results can determine the need for a mitigation system

Flat Fee Pricing $130

Mold Test
Close-up Of A Person's Hand Measuring Wetness Of Moldy Wall.jpg

Mold air testing or sample swabs can be completed in conjunction with any home inspection service or as a stand-alone service. 

Air Sample Pricing $250

Swab Sample Pricing $250

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